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Get the Code to Link Phone to PC lets you up your new computer easily. With, setting up your new computer is effortless! This website provides a simple one-click solution to link any phone or device to your PC and get it up and running quickly. You don’t need any extra cables or software – just a few clicks of the mouse and you can enjoy all the latest features and apps. Enjoy maximum convenience and flexibility with this easy-to-use phone link solution. Get started today!

What is the Microsoft Phone Link App for Windows?

Some people use Android Phones to make phone calls or send emails. The Microsoft Phone Link app (formerly “Your Phone”) allows you to connect your phone to any computer. We’re going to discuss how the Phone Link app are used and if it is worthwhile. This Phone Link app is a collaboration between Microsoft and Samsung and connects smartphones to Windows. During a phone call, you can send messages and see the notification, and the Android apps can be accessed by the computer. While sitting on your laptop, it is not necessary to keep pulling up your smartphone.

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Leave your phone in your pocket using

Tell me your busy job and then the text arrives. Maybe you can find this phone somewhere nearby? Possibly your boss isn’t interested in seeing if you’re wasting your phone. It lets you access your phone via desktop and send or receive SMS and calls, look up alerts, upload photos, or even open applications.

Together is better with Microsoft Phone Link & Samsung

Stay in touch by connecting your mobile phone or PC and synchronizing with texting and apps. You can connect the phone to your Windows system, view and respond directly in a mobile app.


Answer calls from a headset that is automatically connected to a PC. Phone Link allows for easier work between phones and PCs and allows for better collaboration.

Reply to Text Messages

Answer messages via keyboard or answer calls with headsets synced on your computer. It offers more options for mobile communication between phones and tablet computers.


The Phone Link App lets you change notification settings Bluetooth settings, volume, skip and Pause song plays.

With Pick up where you left off

It allows users to work wherever life takes them. View Excel, Word and other PowerPoint files on a desktop or mobile device.

Samsung Gallery and One Drive

Ensure that the data you have is safe. Syncing to OneDrive will allow your Samsung Gallery to save and access your pictures.

Access content files and photos across devices with

Easily access and share photos or data anywhere on OneDrive. Get 5GB free Cloud storage in the cloud.

What are the features of Phone Link?

The Phone Link application offers 5 primary functions that are only visible to Samsung users.

Galaxy Book Pro

Welcome to Galaxy Book Pro. The smallest and lightest laptop on the Galaxy Book combines smartphone mobility and slim design.

Galaxy Book Pro 360

Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G offers integrated wireless connectivity with advanced 5G technology.

Sync across your devices using, connect your phone and computer

There are a few simple methods you may use to move files from your Android device to your PC. Using cloud services is one strategy. With the help of these services, you can upload files to a distant server and then access them using any device. The majority of cloud services provide free storage, making them an excellent choice for syncing information between devices. Another approach entails the use of a USB data cord.

The best approach is this one. Windows will notify you when your Android handset is connected to a computer. If you do, your PC will display the storage on the device in a folder view. You can find the files you want to transfer quickly by using the device’s model name. The third choice entails connecting your phone to your computer.

Connect your Android handset to your PC after downloading the phone companion app. Following that, you will be able to share files and links among your devices. This technique works with almost any Android phone or tablet. From the Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store, you can download the app.

How to add a device to your Microsoft account with

Here’s how you can add your device to your Microsoft account to access other online features:

  • Log in to your Microsoft account on your Xbox or PC.

  • Visit the Microsoft Store to download an app or game 

  • Go to, select Don’t see your device?, then follow the instructions.

  • On an iOS device: Utilize your Microsoft account to log in to Microsoft Edge after downloading it from the Apple App Store.

  • On an Android device: Use your Microsoft account to log in to Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Launcher, or Your Phone Companion after downloading them from the Google Play Store.

  • At this time, MacOS devices cannot be added.

How can I connect my phone to my PC using my phone app?

All Windows users can find the information in this page on connecting phone with a PC via your smartphone app. How do you link your mobile app with windows phone? The steps are simple. This article will show you how to install your smartphone application on your windows computer using

How to connect phone link to Your PC?

If the Phone Link app works, it will need a PC installation. Designed for Microsoft Windows 10 and 11, it is downloaded directly to your PC via Windows Store. It requires installing a smartphone link compliant app. Some Galaxy devices contain this preinstalled, but you’ll also find them in Google Play.

How to setup Microsoft Phone Link using The phone needs Internet connection on Windows computer. The connection is available through WiFi Network or through cellular data. The user can get access from the mobile device if it is set in Settings > Advanced functions > Link to windows and click on Use mobile.

How to Connect and Download

  1. Go to the link

  2. Your phone will immediately direct you to download the application if it is compatible.

  3. Additionally, you can be forwarded to Google Play Store where you can download and set up the application that connects your phone to your Windows PC.

  4. Install the application.

  5. To sign in and connect your phone to your PC, either enter your email address or scan the QR Code.

  6. Click the next button.

  7. Select “allow” to grant authorization to send and review messages.

  8. Select “allow” to give authority to manage calls.

  9. “Permit” contact access.

  10. Click the next button.

  11. Select “Let’s Stay Connected.”

What is the process of setting up Phone Link with

Follow the instructions below to set up phone link:

  1. You need to open the app on your phone as the initial step.

  2. Search for “Link to Windows” to find it. Install the application from the Google Play Store if you don’t already have it. Select Add computer in the app.

  3. You will then be given the link As desired, load this in the web browser on your computer. You will be prompted to select an application in a pop-up window. After that, click Choose Application.

  4. After selecting Phone Link, click Open Link.

  5. The Phone Link Windows app will launch as a result. To continue with the wizard, click Continue after that.

  6. After that, a PIN code will load in the Windows application. Click Continue on your phone.

  7. Enter the PIN code as it appears on the screen into your phone, then hit Done.

  8. Your PC should now complete the connection after the aforementioned step. To complete the pairing, tap Done on your phone and choose Continue on your computer.

  9. To launch the software on your PC, select Get started, followed by Skip. You can choose to read or skip some additional information that will appear.

  10. Your phone and computer should now be connected.

Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows App Download

If you love your Android Smartphone and Windows PC. You can also use this software. Get e-mail alerts on mobile and desktop devices from the comfort of your home. Install Link to Windows on your Android smartphone and link it to your Windows phone. Connect your Android device to your PC for making and receiving calls, viewing and responding to texts, seeing the notifications and more. Make email chat and capturing pictures as easy as possible. Edit photos without touching your smartphone or computer.

Is it possible to connect an Android phone to a Windows PC?

You can use the PC as an Android smartphone! The link to Windows app for some mobile devices is available on Android device. The Link To Windows smartphone apps connect to the Phone Link Windows Application. It should be automatically installed on Windows as it serves as the major feature of the Microsoft Windows application. After connecting your link to Windows and phone link application to your phone with Windows PC it is logical for all of them to work. Nonetheless not all smartphone apps will support Windows computers.

What if your phone doesn’t have a preinstalled Windows application?

Make sure you check how the Android app was installed first. The application will be downloaded for the Android version 7.0 or later. Microsoft once had short links that could help people locate them. It’s a Windows application previously nicknamed The Your Phone application. They include a web page. The results are still insufficient. So no worries! Look up a link on Windows in the Google Play Store. You’ll need the app.

Tell me the easiest way to install a phone link application on your Windows PC?

First install Microsoft Phone Link. Application Phone Link connects a mobile device to a PC. For Phone Link you will have to download phone link app. Using the given steps, you can create a QR code. This is a handy way to check your phone if there’s links to windows.

Is your phone companion automatically installed?

For Windows 11 and older computers, the software is pre-installed with Windows 10. You just have to search. You should also have a browser installed on your smartphone. You can find your phone at Microsoft’s website and download it.

Which Android phone can use Microsoft Phone Link app (formerly “Your Phone”) to connect to Windows?

You can also use this app on Samsung Devices, Android Devices and Apple iPhone that links Windows with the phone. The Phone Link companion app can be downloaded directly from Google Play and Apple App Store. It requires Android 7.0 to run. Therefore, I’m going to show how you can use Android to determine whether it is a good idea to use “Your phone app”. The Android version of your phone is Android 7.0 and above.

How does Microsoft phone companion work?

Almost every Samsung Phone and Select Android mobile phone averaging Android 7 and above is allowed to use the mobile phone app and should have the following functionality.

Can I download my phone app without the Microsoft store?

Yes, you can download your smartphone apps from Microsoft Store official website, paste the link on the Apps Page.

Tell me the easiest way to install a Windows application on an Android phone?

First of all you will need a Wi fi network and Windows 10, 11 or 8 pc ready.

Go to the Application Store in your device (Google play store app on your android device and App store on apple users)

Simply, You can go to and the Link to Windows will open up.

Search for Phone link app and Click Download.

Now, The Android device will connect directly from your Windows Computer.


How do I connect my phone to my computer?

Connect your smartphone to the laptop using the USB cable. You can also charge this phone via USB. In the menu “use USB for,” select Transfer data files. A window for transferring files is opened on your laptop.

How do I connect my Android phone to Windows 10?

Start on the computer. In the search box in the task bar enter the mobile number and select Phone Link app from the results. Please select the smartphone. Is this possible? You will be asked to login to Microsoft Account. (You must login with an Android phone and a Mac PC if you want to link them.)

What is your phone companion on Android?

Your phone companion is an official software from Microsoft that will assist you with identifying the Microsoft software installed on your phone. It is easy to see all Microsoft applications for Android such as Skype, Swiftkey, Keyboard Office, Lens, Outlook, Xbox, Wunderlist among many others.

How to fix “We Can’t Connect to Your Phone Error” ?

We Can’t Connect to Your Mobile may appear as an error message when you try to log into the Phone Companion app. It is significant to highlight that there are a number of potential causes for this inaccuracy. You must confirm that you are utilising the same Microsoft account that you use for Windows in order to resolve this issue. First off, you should update to the most recent version of Android if your Android phone or tablet is still using an earlier version. By choosing the right version from the Phone Companion App’s settings, you can accomplish this.